The next big thing is desk exercise equipment

We're well into the global coronacrisis. We've survived being confined to home, taking business activities completely online, travel bans and a major baking craze. By now, we should be used to our 'new normal'. Unfortunately that is not the case.

It's a struggle to add routine and structure to our days. The constant overload of information leads to further fatigue. On top of that, we aren't getting enough movement.

Quite the depressing scenario being painted at the moment.

That brings me to the point of this blogging series. I'm a physiotherapist with a passion for helping people and more specifically improving the vitality of employees to work in an efficient and pain-free way.

In order to combat pain or lapse of focus during the day, it's important to get enough movement. More specifically we should be doing more strength training. In fact, recently the WHO adapted their guidelines to include two sessions of strength training per week. Researchers noticed that the general population is aging faster because of insufficient muscle mass brought on by sedentary behaviour (see Instagram for more information).