Rolling your way to healthier working habits

In continuing with the 'Desk equipment is the next big thing' series, we'll be discussing the ever-versatile, foam roller. Those familiar with this pain-inducing hard piece of foam, know it has many uses besides it's intended purpose. It can even be regarded as a great edition to the office. Subsequently, we'll be getting into the how and why of the exercises. It might be a little more challenging than most others but the fun factor is also so much more!

Foam rolling the ITB/TFL

Typically the foam roller is used by athletes to aid recovery by 'rolling' overworked tissue to stimulate blood flow and regeneration in that region. It can certainly also be used by office all-stars to aid in performance.

Due to prolonged sitting, our backs start to adapt to the posture we place it in for long periods. This means we develop a C-shape spine with