Lady working in a office
Lady working in a office

Working from Home
Working from Home

Working remotely at a café
Working remotely at a café

Lady working in a office
Lady working in a office


Discover how healthy working habits can lead to improved work performance and engagement

Why should healthy working habits be a priority to you?


Start working with more energy and self-confidence. It also improves the ability to manage challenges

Improved performance at work

Work-it-out Online

Ergonomic analysis of the workstation. The appointment is online. It also includes a rapport with recommendations for improvements and personalised exercises


Work-it-out in person

Ergonomic analysis in person of the home workstation or at the office. Appointment includes a rapport with recommendations for improvements and personlised exercises*

*Appointments only available in Stedelijk Gebied Eindhoven

Train and Gain

Movement has been associated with improved engagement and motivation at work, however it's difficult to change our usual habits and behaviour. Train and Gain is a 9 week programme aimed at improving movement behaviour at the office 



The Ergo101 webinar is an introduction to an ergonomic workstation. It gives a great overview of what we should strive for in healthy working habits. This webinar is ideal for a team activity and certainly recommended if you're in search of ergonomic information.

Webinar presented on Mondays and Thursdays


Currently many people face stress-related problems. It affects us physically and psychologically. This 6 week programme equips you with the strategies to identify stress, the techniques to manage it and build resilience in future.

women managing stress at home by meditating


Stress management webinar

Are you curious to know what happens to our bodies when we experience stress and what the long-term effects are on our health? Why is it difficult to manage stress and what can I do about it?

Everything you need to know about stress and managing it is included in the webinar.

Find your balance again.

Check out

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This innovative new break software prompts users to frequently take a break from static computer work and get moving!

It connects to your smartwatch for personlised prompts based on your body's needs.

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